March 17, 2011

Booommm !

sorry for no update for a lonnnnngggg time
i have nothing to update and no time also lol
currently doing the same thing every day
every day go to work for a long time
no go out play with fren any more and...many lar hhah
and every day passed very fast lol
*duuu* (ntg to say liao )

see the pic ba ahah

i was learning car on dunno which day ady
the sifu ask me stop at 1 place and
he came down from the car keng gai with another sifu lol
bcuz another uncle's car rosak liao gua
waste my a few min from 2 hour T^T

i love him :P
he is cute..hhaha but now he sick ady
hurry recover lar Sheng Kang ~ :(

Pen Nee
another kid that i like hahah
she is cute also
fat fat de hahhaha

i hate him :@
keep kacau others and very noisy...argghhh
and cant really scold him also later complain alot -.-

my mimi hhaha
happy birthdayyy

and the present we gv herr...
she love to watch drama
so we gv her this as her birthday present hehe


a taiwan food restaurant which located at KLCC
hmm the thing no really very nice but okok lar
and the thing come very slow -.-

tian bu la ~

* wiwiwiwi finally i update my blog :D
*2012 can come faster ? lol
*not need work for tml :D